Whatever your reasons for deciding to become a contractor or freelancer, Parasol – one of the UK’s biggest employers – will do absolutely everything we can to make your working life as easy as possible. And, in an industry that has a bit of a reputation for playing fast and loose with the tax rulebook, you can be sure we’ll always do what’s right to protect your interests as well as our hard-earned reputation. 

Here to support you

So, whether you’ve recently landed an assignment, just been made redundant or are simply up for the challenges and potential high rewards of contracting, then becoming a Parasol employee could be absolutely the right choice for you. We exist solely to support the UK’s flexible workforce, a hardworking bunch of people who do a fine job of helping to keep our economy competitive.

Giving you more time

Parasol simply takes away the time-consuming side of being a contractor, and ensures your salary is paid quickly, is fully in line with HMRC regulations and all legitimate business expenses are reimbursed, tax and NI free. In short, we take care of all the invoicing, chase the money and sort out PAYE, tax and VAT payments, giving you more time to do what you do best – earn a good living.

Everything taken care of

Become a Parasol employee today and you’ll get a full contract of employment, which means all your admin, employment rights, insurance and accounts are fully taken care of. Start your Parasol career today – you can join Parasol in minutes with no tie-ins and no obligations.

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