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Why graduates should consider freelancing

After the celebrating is over, the UK’s army of recent graduates will have to come back down to Earth and face the challenge of finding employment. While a lucky few will be fortunate enough to grab a position in their … Continue reading

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Minimum wage penalties to be strengthened

Plans to introduce tougher financial penalties for employers who fail to pay workers the minimum wage have been discussed in the House of Lords. First announced by business secretary Vince Cable in February 2014, the proposals would see companies being … Continue reading

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Tax tribunal sheds light on false self-employment guidelines

HMRC’s failed attempt to take action over an alleged breach of the false self-employment legislation should shed some light on how the rules will be interpreted by a tribunal, according to the Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC). The case centred … Continue reading

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Contractors benefiting from NHS “talent crisis”

Contractors are taking advantage of a growing talent shortage within the NHS, according to a new study. Recruitment firm Venn Group found that the health service was the driving force behind a surge in contractor and interim hiring in the … Continue reading

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Upbeat freelancers set to turbo-charge UK growth

Britain’s growing army of freelancers and contractors will “propel” economic growth in the coming months, an analyst has predicted. Georgios Nikolaidis, economic policy advisor at the Professional Contractors’ Group (PCG), said the ability of freelancers to offer businesses “the operational … Continue reading

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