Parasol, the UK’s leading outsourced employment services provider and umbrella company, is celebrating a significant milestone this week after the company processed its 150,000th assignment.

Since its launch in 2000, Parasol has also:

  • Paid over £2.8 billion in wages to contractors, temps and freelancers
  • Processed over 1.1 million payrolls
  • Employed over 47,000 temporary and contingent workers

Commenting on their latest milestone, Rob Crossland, Chief Executive of Parasol, said: “Our industry has seen a lot of changes in the last 10 years, not least the onset of IR35, the MSC legislation and AWR. If there is one thing that I am extremely proud of is that through all of this Parasol has been a consistent source of support and advice for both the contractors and freelancers who work with us and the staffing businesses that place them. As a founding member of the FCSA we’ve led the way on compliance and best practice and have been at the forefront of moving service providers up the supply chain as genuine partners to our staffing industry colleagues.

“As a business we’ll continue to develop and enhance the services we offer the industry, we’ll continue to support the UK’s flexible workforce who we know make a massive contribution to our economy and I look forward to making the announcement that we’ve passed the 300,000 assignment mark.”

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