Employers are growing increasingly reliant on freelance staff for their marketing and communication efforts, it has been claimed.

According to Urban Interns, in particular, people are relying on contract workers in areas such as search engine optimisation and social media marketing.

“Employers are increasingly seeking candidates with an understanding of how to utilise new technologies, particularly for tasks such as online marketing and public relations,” the company stated.

Another trend identified by the website, which freelancers should be aware of, is that jobs which involve less than 20 hours a week are increasingly being advertised, which supports the shift towards contract and part-time work.

A growing number of contract jobs are also described as “virtual” as companies look to save cash by not splashing out on office space.

Recent research from the giant group, published on recruiter.co.uk, highlighted that IT contractors in the freelance sector are more positive about their prospects.

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