Prime Minister David Cameron has met with business leaders to discuss the future of private sector growth in the UK.

Today (Monday January 10th), Mr Cameron will consult with chiefs from a number of top organisations to discuss how the private sector – including the umbrella contractors – can help to reduce the impact of public sector job losses.

Mr Cameron claimed that every organisation, from the largest multinationals all the way down to one-man-band umbrella contractors, will be supported by the government in the coming years.

“Throughout this year and beyond we will be focused relentlessly on supporting growth and driving job creation across our economy,” he said.

“Backing new enterprises to start up and small businesses to grow will be what transforms our economy and will deliver the many thousands of new jobs we will see created this year,” the PM added.

He claimed that anyone who finds themselves out of work should be encouraged to set up their own company or strike out as an umbrella contractor.

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