Understanding IR35

Introducing the IR35 Business Impact Tool

We understand how important it is to support and empower our recruitment partners, with the knowledge and tools to succeed. We also know that a big talking point in the industry is around IR35 reforms and what it means for you.

The 2020 private sector reforms mean it may soon be your responsibility to calculate the impact of IR35 for your clients. If the reforms are introduced, recruiters will need to be aware of what options are available — from continuing to operate outside of IR35 to engaging the workers in different ways.

That’s why we’ve developed an extensive tool designed to calculate the financial impact for your recruitment agency. This allows agencies to detail the cost and the pay implications under each option, allowing you to make a decision about how best to structure the business. 

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Introduction to IR35

If you’re a recruiter in the UK, the IR35 legislation is one of the most crucial legal document you need to understand. The IR35 legislation has been active since 2000, as is constantly changing as the century progresses. In 2016, HMRC decided there should be greater emphasis on the recruiter when it comes to deciding IR35 status.

We have been advising recruiters on IR35 for decades, and using this expertise we have created easy to understand guides that help you better understand how this legislation impact you. From understanding what IR35 is to grasp what it means to be inside or outside IR35.

IR35 in the Public Sector

The changes which came into effect on the 6th April 2017 meant that contractors working inside the public sector were no longer able to define the IR35 status of their contracts themselves and rather the decision lay with the end client.

As a recruiter, understanding IR35 has never been more vital. This is why we have put together a collection of guides to understanding IR35 in the public sector.