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What to do when turning down a contract

As a contractor, you’ll receive a multitude of assignment opportunities during the course of your career. Some will be extremely exciting, others not so much. One of the many benefits of contracting is your ability to pick and choose your … Continue reading

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Is contracting a route for young people?

When finishing college or university, one of the first things on a student’s mind is finding employment. However, contracting is being overlooked as a real career prospect for graduates. In fact, only 1% of contractors were told about self-employment at … Continue reading

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Why contractors should think twice about following the money

The ability to pick and choose assignments is just one of the many benefits contractors enjoy. The freedom to take control of your own destiny is usually a key reason for ditching permanent employment, as workers don’t want to feel … Continue reading

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Contractor Clinic: Breaking a contract

There may come a time when you’re on assignment and find that you need to terminate your contract early. This is not a decision that should be rushed as there could be serious ramifications involved. Here are some points to … Continue reading

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Contractor Clinic: Claiming business expenses

One of the many perks contractors can enjoy is the ability to enhance their take home pay by claiming legitimate businesses expenses. This is provided they have been incurred while on assignment. When submitting your expenses, it is essential that … Continue reading

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