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Why professional development matters for contractors

From the economy to technology, we live in an ever changing world that everybody must adjust and adapt to. The job market is no exception and as a contractor you must keep up with the evolution. Below, we explain why … Continue reading

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From “permie” to contractor: Making the leap

Contractors are in more demand than ever and this has resulted in a growing number of permanent workers ditching their 9-5 office jobs for the freedom of the contracting lifestyle. Making a change can be daunting, but switching will be … Continue reading

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Contractor clinic: Five tips for successful home working

For some contractors and freelancers, the daily commute takes a matter of seconds and involves nothing more than moving to a different room. If you’re one of the growing army of independent professionals working from home, it’s important that you … Continue reading

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Media contractors hit the headlines as demand soars

Skills shortages within the UK’s media and marketing sectors are creating a “flurry” of demand for contractors, new research has revealed. The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) recorded a 6% surge in temporary vacancies in these fields over the … Continue reading

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The road to contracting

No career change is easy, and some people find making the switch from permanent employment to contracting a bit daunting. It is not only a different style of working, it’s a whole new lifestyle. This may explain why some hesitate … Continue reading

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