If you are new to contracting, trying to figure out what you can and can’t claim as a legitimate expense can be a bit of a minefield.

At Parasol, we know exactly what counts as a legitimate business expense. So, we can help you to identify the costs you are entitled to claim for and make sure that you are fully reimbursed for any expenses, tax and NI free.

What am I entitled to claim for?

A contractor is eligible to claim for most expenses that they incur as a direct result of working on an assignment.

From equipment to business mileage and parking costs, you are entitled to claim for several different types of costs. Read our guide to claiming expenses to view a full breakdown of what counts as a legitimate business expense.

How to claim expenses with Parasol

As a Parasol employee, claiming back legitimate business expenses is simple and straightforward.

  • Enter details regarding your expenses through My Parasol, our intuitive online portal.
  • Click ‘Submit’, then we will check and approve the claim, paying you on the next payroll.

The My Parasol will prompt you if we need any additional information about your expenses or want to see your receipts.

You can now also take a picture of your receipts and upload them to My Parasol.

Submitting your receipts with Parasol is quick and easy to do. Instead of posting copies of your receipts to us, you simply need to take a picture of them and upload the images to the My Parasol portal. You can even do this directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Why choose Parasol?

The Parasol expenses department have a clear, up-to-date understanding of HMRC regulations, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will always be legally compliant. We also make sure that all expenses are reimbursed correctly and on-time, so that the process remains hassle-free for all employees.

For further information on claiming expenses with Parasol, take a look at what our employees have to say or you can ring our team on 0800 458 0818.